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Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
Archived: Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

director: David Gelb

Film Fest Gent - Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

“I’ll try to reach the top.” Remarkable words from a 85-year-old man who’s in the business for about 75 years. In Tokio, sushi master Jiro Ono runs Sukiyabashi Jiro, a restaurant with three Michelin stars but only ten seats. Here, with a strong sense of J


director: David Gelb

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DAVID GELB: Lethargy (2002, short), The King of Central Park (2006, short), The Willowz: Seeinsquares (2006, video), A Vision of Blindness (2008, TV doc), A Positive Rage (2009, video), Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011, doc)

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