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Archived: JFK (1991)

director: Oliver Stone

composer: John Williams
With: Sally Kirkland (Rose Cheramie), Kevin Costner (Jim Garrison), Jay O. Sanders (Lou Ivon), Edward Asner (Guy Bannister), Jack Lemmon (Jack Martin), Vincent D'Onofrio (Bill Newman), Gary Oldman (Lee Harvey Oswald), Sissy Spacek (Liz Garrison), Brian Doyle-Murray (Jack Ruby), Joe Pesci (David Ferrie), Walter Matthau (Senator Long), Kevin Bacon (Willie O'Keefe), Tommy Lee Jones (Clay Shaw), a.o.

duration: 189 minutes
American Paranoia , Drama, Biography


Details the actions of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigates the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. Garrison is extremely suspicious of the official story presented by the FBI and what he already knows and what he subsequently learns lead him to suspect that there is more to the story than the public is being told.


director: Oliver Stone
composer: John Williams
producer: Oliver Stone
screenplay: Oliver Stone & Zachary Sklar, based on the books by Jim Garrison and Jim Marrs
Editor: Joe Hutshing & Pietro Scalia
Cinematography: Robert Richardson
sound: Joseph A. Brennan

production company: Warner Bros. Entertainments Inc.

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subtitles: Dutch/Fr subt.
Country: United States of America - France
year: 1991


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Technical Specs

format: 35 mm

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