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Film Fest Gent - Jan zonder vrees
Archived: Jan zonder vrees (1984)

director: Jef Cassiers

composer: Alain Pierre
With: voices: Jan Decleir, Jef Burm, Dora van der Groen, Nolle Versyp, Ann Petersen, a.o.

duration: 78 minutes
Suitable for children , Animated film, Litarature


Enjoy 15th-century Flanders through actual existing places and historical figures. This classic animation film shows adventure, silly humour and weird characters. A movie about a hero's journey is a recipe that never fails.

The cartoon 'Jan Zonder Vrees' (John the Fearless) from 1984 is the very first Flemish full-length animation film. Both the gorgeous drawings and voices of good folks like Jan Decleir and Dora Van der Groen, as well as the catchy soundtrack by Alain Pierre contributed to the film's success. During Film Fest @ Vooruit we will show the film on big screen and Alain Pierre will play live in the evening.

And there is more good news for vinyl freaks. and Music Mania joined forces to release Alain Pierre's soundtrack, the very first release on their brand new record label. The album will be presented that day, and you will get a chance to be one of the first people to buy one.

As the first Belgian full-length cartoon, 'Jan Zonder Vrees' was unprecedented in 1984, a true labor of love by director Jef Cassiers. The Belgian national television, BRT at the time, commissioned him to create an animation film about Antwerp writer Constant De Kinder's popular brainchild. Despite working with a limited budget, Cassiers created a unique adventure film with drawings full of references to the old masters like Breughel and Bosch. Top-notch actors like Jan Decleir, Jef Burm and Dora Van der Groen provided the voice-overs. 'Jan Zonder Vrees' became an undisputed VHS classic, and a true must-see for an entire generation.

One of the most obvious elements contributing to the success of this classic is the soundtrack by Brussels composer and sound designer Alain Pierre. A collection of catchy synthesizer tunes floating between up-tempo medieval melodies in a 80s outfit and atmospheric almost-ambient. The distinctive theme tune of hero Jan is an unrelenting earworm. The entire soundtrack is nothing if not a small masterpiece that has lost nothing of its original catchiness.

Prior to the concert there will be a talk with Alain Pierre at 19:30 hrs at the Bespreekbureau (box office area) at Vooruit.



director: Jef Cassiers
composer: Alain Pierre
producer: Hilda Verboven
screenplay: Jef Cassiers based on the book by Constant de Kinder
Editor: Renaat Rombouts
Cinematography: Kris Jansen
sound: Alain Pierre

production company: BRT

More info

dialogue: Dutch
subtitles: no subt
country: Belgium
year: 1984


JEF CASSIERS (1929-1987): Jan zonder vrees (1984)

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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