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Film Fest Gent - Jacques Rivette, le veilleur
Archived: Jacques Rivette, le veilleur (1989)

director: Claire Denis, Serge Daney

With: Jacques Rivette, Serge Daney, Bulle Ogier, a.o.

duration: 130 minutes


"An excellent introduction to the cinema of Jacques Rivette, who is shown in his favourite milieu - the cafés, streets and Métro stations of Paris - talking with the great film critic Serge Daney about the early days of the nouvelle vague, about art and ethics." (James Quandt)

The film is introduced by film critic Raymond Bellour (Trafic) and follows a round table discussion on film criticism organised by Sabzian.


director: Claire Denis, Serge Daney

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dialogue: French
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: France
year: 1989


SERGE DANEY (1944-1992): Jacques Rivette, le veilleur (1989). CLAIRE DENIS (1946): Chocolat (1988), Man No Run (1989), Jacques Rivette, le veilleur (1989), No Fear, No Die (1990), Lest We Forget (1991), Keep It for Yourself (1991, short), Monologues (1993), I Can't Sleep (1994), Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge... (1994, TV series), Boom-Boom (1994), À propos de Nice, la suite (1995), Nenette and Boni (1996), Beau Travail (1999), Trouble Every Day (2001),… Show more

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format: DCP
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