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Invader, The
Archived: Invader, The - L'envahisseur

director: Nicolas Provost

Film Fest Gent - Invader, The

Amadou, a strong and charismatic African man, is washed up on a beach in southern Europe. Fate leads him to Brussels where, full of optimism, he tries to make a better life for himself. Exploited by traffickers, his daily life is slowly drained of hope, u


director: Nicolas Provost

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NICOLAS PROVOST: Papillon d’amour (2003, short), Exoticore (2004, short), Induction (2006, short), The Divers (2006, short), Suspension (2007, short), Gravity (2007, short), Plot Point (2007, short), Long Live the New Flesh (2009, short), Storyteller (201

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