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In between days
Archived: In between days - In between days (2006)

director: So Yong kim

composer: Asobi Seksu
With: Taegu Andy Kang, Bokja Kim, Gina Kim, Joseon Kim, a.o.

Film Fest Gent - In between days

A Korean immigrant falls in love with her best friend while navigating her way through the challenges of living in a new country.


director: So Yong kim
composer: Asobi Seksu
producer: Bradley Rust Gray

production company: Soandbrad

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country: USA - Canada
year: 2006


SO YONG KIM: In Between Days (2006), Treeless Mountain (2008), Chinatown Film Project (2009), 3.11 Sense of Home (2011, segment), For Ellen (2012), Spark and Light (2014), Lovesong (2016).

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