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I Was a Winner
Archived: I Was a Winner - Jag var en vinnare (2016)

director: Jonas Odell

duration: 14 minutes
Animated film, Youth / Coming-Of-Age

Shorts - Nordic Cinema
Film Fest Gent - I Was a Winner

Video game dependency or addiction is a growing problem that has been highlighted in some parts of the media in recent years. This film lets people who are or have been video game addicts speak out, and gives them a chance to talk about the positive and negative aspects of gaming. Although the theme is the same, this is a group of individuals we want to get to know through their personal stories.


director: Jonas Odell
producer: Johan Edström
screenplay: Jonas Odell & Richard Dinter
Editor: Jonas Odell
sound: Frippe Jonsäter

production company: Apparat

More info

dialogue: Swedish
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Sweden
year: 2016


JONAS ODELL (1962): Dagen bräcks (Short - 1985), Exit (short - 1989), Revolver (short - 1993), Otto (short - 1998), Jabberjaw (short - 1999), Family & Friends (short - 2002), Never Like the First Time! (Short - 2006), Lies (short - 2008), Tussilago (Short - 2010), I Was a Winner (2016).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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