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Film Fest Gent - Happy new life
Archived: Happy new life - Happy new life (2007)

director: Árpád Bogdán

composer: Membran
With: Lajos Orsós, Michaela Göczi en Zsolt Kovács


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Film Fest Gent - Happy new life

The story takes place in a modern-day anonymous city, with nameless characters. The time of day is uncertain. It is set in a suburban milieu in empty tunnels and abandoned areas in remote parts of the city. The outskirts are austere. The protagonist lives here alone, in a housing development apartment building. He grew up in a Roma foster-home, and never knew his parents. Neither does he know anything about normalcy or the ways of the world. His aspirations vacillate between dormant aims and illusions. He has very few friends who would be able to understand anything about his idle existence. A deep desire to belong to someone burns within him, and is slowly taking shape, but this causes him problems. The person who looks after him offers him an unusual gift one day. He is given the dossier that includes his childhood files. These documents may give him hope to reconstruct that which was left unfinished in his childhood. 


director: Árpád Bogdán
composer: Membran
producer: Gábor Rajna & Gábor Sipos
screenplay: Árpád Bogdán
Editor: Márk Györi
Cinematography: Márk Györi & Gábor Szabó

production company: Laokoon Filmgroup

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Country: Hungary
year: 2007

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