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Hand in hand
Archived: Hand in hand - Hand in hand (1996)

director: Lasse Persson

composer: Agnes Berg



director: Lasse Persson
composer: Agnes Berg

production company: Swedish Ecstasyfilm

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country: Sweden
year: 1996


LASSA PERSSON (1960): Honey Bunny (Short - 1992), Hand in Hand (Short - 1966), ...och halva kungariket (Short - 1998), Bikini (Short - 2004), Lilla spöket Laban (2006), Laban the Little Ghost: Spooky Time (Short - 2007), Lilla spöket Laban - Världens snällaste spöke (Short - 2008), Lilla spöket Laban - Bullar och Bång (Short - 2009), Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn (Short - 2011), Little Anna and the Tall Uncle (2012), Showing it All! (2016)

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