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Archived: Genezis - Genesis (2018)

director: Árpád Bogdán

composer: Mihály Víg
With: Milán Csordás, Anna Marie Cseh, Eniko Anna Illesi, a.o.

duration: 120 minutes

Official Selection - In Competition
Film Fest Gent - Genezis

"Following up his 2007 festival thoroughbred 'Happy New Life', director Árpád Bogdán once again stirs the political with the poetic in 'Genesis', a fiery and allusive look at the aftermath of a 2009 neo-Nazi attack on a Roma camp. Interconnecting three independent narrative threads via one central act of violence and staged with muscular meticulousness, the film readily invites comparisons to the work of Alejandro González Iñárritu - including some very similar formal approaches when it comes to sound mixing and visual design." (Screen Daily)

"The attack on a Hungarian Roma family that leaves only a 6-year-old boy standing is the glue that nominally binds three different stories in 'Genesis', the ambitious sophomore feature from Árpád Bogdán. The strands focus on the innocent little kid, a teenage girl whose boyfriend falls in with a violent crowd and a young woman who's a defense lawyer for the same young man after he's been arrested for manslaughter with a racist motive.

The cinematography and sound work are clearly designed with the cinema experience in mind. Framing is especially noteworthy, with Dobos expertly alternating between all-telling closeups and wider shots that place personal tragedies within their much larger surroundings." (The Hollywood Reporter)


director: Árpád Bogdán
composer: Mihály Víg
producer: Gabor Ferenczy, Andrea Taschler
screenplay: Árpád Bogdán
Editor: Péter Politzer
Cinematography: Tamás Dobos

production company: Mirage Film Studio

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dialogue: Hungarian
subtitles: Dutch/Eng subt.
country: Hungary
year: 2018


ÁRPÁD BOGDÁN (1976): Boldog új élet (2007), Genezis (2018).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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