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Film Fest Gent - Gender Bending shorts
Archived: Gender Bending shorts (2015-2018)

director: Verschillende / Various

duration: 100 minutes
Short, Youth / Coming-Of-Age

Shorts - Global Cinema

Not only does this exceptional short film selection focus on (gender) identity, but the young film makers - who are clearly aware of the dangers of binary thinking - skillfully play with genre clichés, outdated story patterns and gender roles.

CALAMITY by Séverine de Streyker & Maxime Feyers - Belgium 2017 (22')
NOTRE-DAME DES HORMONES by Bertrand Mandico - France 2015 (31')
JUCK by Ulrika Bandeira, Julia Gumpert & Olivia Kastebring - Sweden 2018 (14')
PRISONER OF SOCIETY by Rati Tsiteladze - Georgia 2018 (15')
SWITCH by Marion Renard - Belgium 2018 (18')

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director: Verschillende / Various

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subtitles: Eng subt.
year: 2015-2018

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format: DCP
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