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Film Fest Gent - Gaussian Curve / Visible Cloaks
Archived: Gaussian Curve / Visible Cloaks

duration: 150 minutes

Film Fest Gent and Vooruit present

AMBIENT SUPERGROUP LIVE This year's events BLWDRK and De Sloop have already achieved legendary status. Two unforgettable parties that came as a result of Vooruit and KERK Ghent joining forces. Why stop there? During Film Fest Gent & Vooruit, Vooruit and Springstof (KERK's new name) are inviting ambient supergroup Gaussian Curve and a whole host of killer DJs.
"Masterfully crafted mood pieces'' is how leading online music mag Pitchfork described 'Clouds', Gaussian Curve's debut record. Their follow-up 'The Distance' has managed to garner even higher praise. Dutch video artist Heleen Blanken - who has previously worked with Jeff Mills and Ben Klock - will be showcasing her breathtaking visuals live. Exclusive Belgian show!

Digital ambient peppered with shards of Japanese new age, vaporwave and retro-futuristic avant-pop: it is with this cosmic infusion that duo Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile will open the evening. Their debut 'Reassemblage' was released on the fantastic RVNG INTL label, home to like-minded souls Ariel Kalma and Bing and Ruth. If you didn't know, producer Spencer Doran is also the man behind the brilliant 'Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo', mixes jam-packed with Japanese synthpop from the early 80s.
Visible Cloaks' live sets are a feast for the senses, in no small part thanks to the virtual 3D constructions of video artist Brenna Murphy.

GAUSSIAN CURVE (VISUALS BY HELEEN BLANKEN) An Italian, a Scotsman and Dutchman walk into a rehearsal room ... and proceed to form a phenomenal trio. Gaussian Curve's new-age pianist Gigi Masin, who performed at Full Moon Healing in 2016, guitarist Jonny Nash (Land Of Light) and producer-DJ Marco Sterk, better known as Young Marco.
They recorded their debut 'Clouds' in three days and released it in 2014 on the Amsterdam label Music From Memory. The album immediately won acclaim with press and fans of Balearic ambient and subtle electronica. Gaussian Curve makes subtle, introverted and melancholic compositions that are at the same time summery and dreamy. Their new album 'The Distance' came out in early 2017 and was spangled with four-star reviews.
Gaussian Curve will be joined by Amsterdam video artist Heleen Blanken, who will provide live visuals created especially for this show. In barely five years Blanken has already become a fixture of the Dutch club scene thanks to her innovative videos, which are full of microscopic nature imagery and natural landscapes. She has previously worked with Jeff Mills, Voices From The Lake and Ben Klock, among others.

TRIPLE EUPHORIC DJ SET Afterparty with Young Marco, Helena Hauff and Bafana. Read more.

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