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Fritz Lang
Archived: Fritz Lang (2016)

director: Gordian Maugg

composer: Tobias Wagner
With: Heino Ferch, Thomas Thieme, Johanna Gastdorf, a.o.

duration: 104 minutes
Biography, Mystery

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Film Fest Gent - Fritz Lang

"Not often does a biopic choose to ignore historical detail in place of a fan fiction-like retelling of its subject's life story, but director Gordian Maugg has done just that with 'Fritz Lang', and in the process of creating myth has actually allowed himself the freedom to fully explore the man." (Sordid Cinema)


director: Gordian Maugg
composer: Tobias Wagner
producer: Nicole Ringhut
screenplay: Gordian Maugg & Alexander Häusser
Editor: Florentine Bruck
Cinematography: Lutz Reitemeier

production company: Belle Epoque Films

More info

dialogue: German
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Germany
year: 2016


Gordian Maugg (1966): Der olympische Sommer (1993), Die kaukasische Nacht (1998), Hans Warns - Mein 20. Jahrhundert (1999), Zutaten für Träume (2003), Zeppelin! (2005), Fritz Lang (2016).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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