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Floating Skyscrapers
Archived: Floating Skyscrapers - Plynace Wiezowce (2013)

director: Tomasz Wasilewski

With: Mateusz Banasiuk (Kuba), Marta Nieradkiewicz (Sylwia), Bartosz Gelner (Michal), Katarzyna Herman (Ewa), Olga Frycz (Monika), Izabela Kuna (Krystyna), Miroslaw Zbrojewicz (Jacek), Mariusz Drezek (Coach), Katarzyna Maciag (Ania), a.o.

duration: 85 minutes
Explore Zone , Gay Scene , Sex is back , Drama, LGBTQ

In his 15 years of training, aspiring champion swimmer Kuba lives a normal, uneventful life - at home with his mother and girlfriend. He happily switches back and forth from good sex with Sylwia to the occasional back rub his mother craves. But Kuba has also been growing more curious about some of the boys at the gym.


director: Tomasz Wasilewski
producer: Izabela Igel
screenplay: Tomasz Wasilewski
Editor: Aleksandra Gowin
Cinematography: Jakub Kijowski

production company: Alter Ego Pictures

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subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Poland
year: 2013


TOMASZ WASILEWSKI (1980): In the Bedroom (2012), Floating Skyscrapers (2013)

Technical Specs

sound: Dolby Digital SRD
format: DCP
frame: 1:2,35
FPS: 24
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