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Film Fest Gent - Field Study
Archived: Field Study (2014)

director: Eva Weber

composer: Stuart Earl
With: Bradley Hall, Slawomir Holland, Olaf Marchwicki, a.o.

duration: 20 minutes
Drama, Short

Shorts – EFA-nominated European Shorts

Martin, a shy Englishman in his early 20s, is in Poland doing a field study on river pollution when he sees a woman and her son bathe in the river, a moment of pure joy. Later, he discovers that Ewa works at the guest-house he's staying at and he warns them not to bathe in the river due to the pollution from the nearby factories. Jacek, Ewa's son, helps Martin with his research and he becomes something of a father figure to him. As a thank you for letting Jacek help him out Ewa invites Martin for dinner before he is to return home to England. Martin misunderstands the invitation and at the end of the night, a little tipsy, he tries to kiss her - but is rejected. The next day he speaks to a lab technician in the UK about the samples he's sent back for testing- there is some pollution but not where Ewa and Jacek have been swimming. When Ewa doesn't show up for work and still hurting from the rejection Martin leaves without passing on the message that the river is fine to swim in.


director: Eva Weber
composer: Stuart Earl
producer: Julia Godzinskaya
screenplay: Line Langebek Knudsen & Rachel Seiffert
Editor: Tracy Granger
Cinematography: Chloë Thomson

production company: Rooks Nest Entertainment

More info

dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
Country: United Kingdom - Poland
year: 2014


EVA WEBER: Disgraceful Conduct (1997, short), The Intimacy of Strangers (2005, short), City of Cranes (2007, short), The Solitary Life of Cranes 2008, short), Steel Homes (2008, short), Reindeer (2011, short), Night, Peace (2012, short), Black Out (2012), Field Study (2014, short), Of the Unknown (2014, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
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