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Film Fest Gent - Felix Kubin plays 'Takt der Arbeit' / Hiele / Nosedrip
Archived: Felix Kubin plays 'Takt der Arbeit' / Hiele / Nosedrip

duration: 150 minutes

Film Fest Gent and Vooruit present

There's a special connection between Felix Kubin and Vooruit. In 2016 performed here with his Choir of Wires, a one-off project for which he had 20 students playing 20 vintage MS20 synthesisers. The previous year he transformed our Ballroom into the site of a dadaistic dancefest. For his third appearance at Vooruit he presents the Belgian premiere of his 'Takt Der Arbeit', a live soundtrack accompanying a selection of fascinating propaganda films. Our brand-new musician-in-residence Roman Hiele will also be presenting his latest project.

At the afterparty, Felix Kubin himself, Hiele and DJ Nosedrip will be opening a fresh can of Teutonic dance madness. Berlin is coming to Ghent for one night only.

As part of New Sounds for Celluloid, you will be the first in Belgium to see and hear 'Takt Der Arbeit'. Felix Kubin, together with three percussionists, plays a live soundtrack to accompany a selection of vintage short films. This collection of films presents the working rhythms of physical labour in a way that is both poetic and didactic. Documentaries, promotional and industrial films or pure propaganda? Decide for yourself.

Kubin selected all of the obscure footage for this piece himself from Hamburg's Metropolis Cinema archive. A German dock worker sweating bullets, ultra-disciplined Chinese military men and American informational films that warn of the consequences of drugs: all part and parcel of this eclectic programme. All the footage has been meticulously restored, polished up and given a new score. With atonal patterns and monumental soundscapes, Kubin shares with us his very unique take on the term 'industrial'.

Felix Kubin has been active as a musician and composer non-stop since the 80s. His neo-dadaistic synthpop is infused with Weimar cabaret, avant-garde space-age pop and absurd humour.

Our freshly-picked musician-in-residence Roman Hiele presents his latest project. Armed with analogue synths and drum computers, he provides a live score for an animation by Brussels-based Venezuelan Gabriela Gonzàlez.

Hiele has been beating a completely unique path for a number of years now. His music contains winks to IDM, 808 Jack and ambient soundscapes. After his 'Essentials Oils' LP 2 - released on Antwerp's Ekster label - Hiele went on to make the soundtrack for Dieter Deswarte's celebrated documentary 'Saints', before playing with the Antwerp supergroup The Mechanics. He recently put out one hell of a record, 'Ritmische Bezieling'.

The visuals for this performance are conjured by the hand of Gabriela Gonzàlez, born in Venezuela but a Brussels girl through and through. She uses stop-motion to turn paper collages and clay characters into irresistible psychedelic gems. Her films are populated by mutating monsters that move through bizarre landscapes. Gonzàlez jumps with ease from abstract trips to hallucinatory versions of animation-pioneer John Whitney. She has previously made music videos for Le Ton Mité, Pizza Noise Mafia, Shetar, Bear Bones and Lady Low, among others.

Ziggy Devriendts alter ego needs little introduction. Nosedrip is a mainstay of and the founder of the Stroom label (Jan Zonder Vrees! Alain Neffe!). He's also a radio producer and the driving force behind Full Moon Healing. As a DJ he refuses to get bogged down with nonsense like genres, scenes and other limitations. Good taste and an open mind are Nosedrip's primary tools, which is why we are very happy to have him at Vooruit.

20:00 doors open
20:30 Hiele
21:00 Felix Kubin
afterparty @ Gouvernement


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