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Entre dues aigües
Archived: Entre dues aigües - Between Two Waters (2018)

director: Isaki Lacuesta

composer: Kiko Veneno, Raül Fernández Miró
With: Israel Gómez Romero, Francisco José Gómez Romero, Óscar Rodríguez, a.o.

duration: 136 minutes

Focus on Spanish Cinema

"Shot on film using hand-held camera throughout, this flick fuses the urgency, naturalness and empathy of insider documentary with the lightly worn artistry of well-told fiction in a primal story of masculine impotency set in a part of the world that history seems to have been abandoned." (The Hollywood Reporter)


director: Isaki Lacuesta
composer: Kiko Veneno, Raül Fernández Miró
producer: Paco Poch
screenplay: Fran Araújo, Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta
Editor: Sergi Dies, Domi Parra
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel

production company: All Go Movies

More info

dialogue: Spanish
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Spain
year: 2018


ISAKI LACUESTA (1975): Caras vs. caras (2000, short), Cravan vs. Cravan (2002, short), Teoría de los cuerpos (2004, short), La leyenda del tiempo (2006), Soldats anònims (2008, short), Las variaciones Marker (2008, short), Sinergias: Diálogos entre Naomi Kawase y Isaki Lacuesta (2009, short), In Between Days (2009), The Condemned (2009), All Night Long (2010), The Double Steps (2011), Clay Diaries (2011), Microscopias (2012, short), El moviment perpetu (2013), Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades (2014),… Show more

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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