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Film Fest Gent - El niño de la luna
Archived: El niño de la luna - Moon Child (1989)

director: Agustí Villaronga

composer: Dead Can Dance
With: Maribel Martín, Lisa Gerrard, Enrique Saldana, a.o.

duration: 118 minutes
Fantasy, Science Fiction


This stylized fairy tale is Augusti Villaronga's second feature film. A blue-eyed little boy with paranormal powers, gets kidnapped by a secret cult. He escapes along with a young couple and travel to a mythical version of the African continent together. Along the way, the boy will find out how to complete his destiny of becoming the moon child.


director: Agustí Villaronga
composer: Dead Can Dance
producer: Moustapha Benjemia, Adolfo Cora, Julián Mateos, Paco Villar, Chihab Gharbi, Jaime F. Cid
screenplay: Agustí Villaronga
Editor: Raúl Román
Cinematography: Jaume Peracaula

production company: Ganesh Producciones Cinematográficas

More info

dialogue: Spanish
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Spain
year: 1989


AGUSTÍ VILLARONGA: Anta mujer (1976, short), Laberint (1980, short), Al Mayurka (1980, short), Tras el Cristal (1986), El Niño de la Luna (1989), Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain (1992), Cycle Simenon (1995, TV series), Cròniques de la veritat oculta (1997, TV series), 99.9 (1997), El mar (2000), Gracia exquisita (2000, short), Aro Tolbukhin in the Mind of a Killer (2002), Mylène Farmer: Fuck Them All (2005, short), After the Rain (2007, TV movie), 50… Show more

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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