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Film Fest Gent - El diputado
Archived: El diputado (1978)

director: Eloy de la Iglesia

With: José Sacristán, María Luisa San José, José Luis Alonso, a.o.

duration: 110 minutes


Eloy de la Iglesia has gained himself the nickname 'the Spanish Fassbinder' because of his interest in shining a light on those marginalized by society. 'El Diputado focuses on a married communist politician, Roberto Orbea, who attempts to keep his sexuality and relationship with a teenage boy hidden from the outside world. When the secret police and his fascist opponents are tipped off about Roberto's secret he becomes an easy target for blackmail.


director: Eloy de la Iglesia
producer: Carlos Orengo, J.A. Pérez Giner
screenplay: Eloy de la Iglesia & Gonzalo Goicoechea
Editor: Julio Peña
Cinematography: Antonio Cuevas

production company: Figaro Films

More info

dialogue: Spanish
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Spain
year: 1978


ELOY DE LA IGLESIA: Fantasía... 3 (1966), Algo amargo en la boca (1969), Cuadrilátero (1970), Glass Ceiling (1971), The Cannibal Man (1972), No One Heard the Scream (1973), To Love, Perhaps to Die (1973), Forbidden Love Game (1975), The Other Bedroom (1976), The Creature (1977), Hidden Pleasures (1977), The Priest (1978), El diputado (1978), Miedo a salir de noche (1980), Navajeros (1980), La mujer del ministro (1981), Colegas (1982), El pico (1983), El pico 2 (1984), Otra vuelta de tuerca (1985), La estanquera de Vallecas (1987), Estudio 1 (2001, TV), Bulgarian Lovers (2003).

Technical Specs

format: 35 mm
frame: 1:1,85
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