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Film Fest Gent - De puta madre
Archived: De puta madre - De puta madre (2006)

director: Eva Cools

With: Walid Ben Chikha, Charo Calvo, Paula Fraile, Carmina Lemoine


Elvira is a Spanish girl who lives together with her mother in the suburbs. Although her mother is a prostitute, it is Elvira's best friend, Vera, who draws her into a world of decadence. Elvira imitates Vera, pretending to be hard core, and she comes across as someone who she is not. Despite that fact, she wants to keep the world of her mother seperate from the world of her friends. Those two worlds, however, end up resembling each other a lot more than she thinks...


director: Eva Cools
producer: Eva Cools
screenplay: Eva Cools
Editor: Stijn Deconinck
Cinematography: Rik Zang

production company: Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel

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Country: Belgium
year: 2006

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