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Dark Chamber
Archived: Dark Chamber (2018)

director: Ottó Bánovits

With: Jesper Thorsbrinq, Molly Brus Thurfjell, a.o.

duration: 6 minutes
Short, Drama

Shorts – Competition for European Shorts
Film Fest Gent - Dark Chamber

Dark Chamber is based on the true event, of 71 illegal refugees who tragically died in a truck by a border-crossing somewhere in Europe. It does not specify the exact location as nowadays these events do take place almost weekly. Therefore, it states, somewhere in Europe.... The work is a on the borderline between being a traditional film and a installation piece. The film is using the concept of Camera Obscura in order to create an in-direct representations of the event.


director: Ottó Bánovits
producer: Ottó Bánovits, Gabor Osvath, Laszlo Dressinger, Helene Adler
screenplay: Ottó Bánovits, Tomas Stark
Cinematography: Gergely Pálos

production company: Filmfabriq

More info

dialogue: Swedish
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Sweden - Hungary
year: 2018


OTTÓ BÁNOVITS: Dark Chamber (2018, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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