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Dance! Dance! Dance! (Film Concert: Arsenal)
Archived: Dance! Dance! Dance! (Film Concert: Arsenal) (2014)

director: Hendrik Willemyns, Ken Ochiai

composer: Arsenal
With: Dean Fujioka, Ayumi Ito, Aoi Morikawa, a.o.

duration: 75 minutes
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Film Fest Gent - Dance! Dance! Dance! (Film Concert: Arsenal)

The movie is set in Japan and tells the story of Furu, a young aspiring musician, who is dreaming of a getaway out of his small coastal town in Northern Iwate.
He succeeds but the price is very high. Too high.
It's a story about falling...
This extraordinary show of Arsenal, created to tie in with their new album 'Furu', will have its world premiere on 22 October 2014 at Film Fest Gent in collaboration with Vooruit.
'Dance! Dance! Dance!' has become an impressive mood board for their new album, Furu. The film concert will combine unreleased soundtrack material with more familiar tracks by Arsenal. Arsenal's love for images has been known for quite some time and this year it resulted in a unique film, set in Japan. Hendrik Willemyns wrote and produced the project in collaboration with the Japanese director Ken Ochiai.
Synopsis###Tokyo 2012. The Japanese DJ Furu is faced with the introduction of an old, long-forgotten law dating back to 1948 prohibiting dancing in Tokyo. The ban comes into force, resulting in the closure of nightclubs throughout Japan. Much to the displeasure of Natsuko, a beautiful young woman who sets out to make the night of 11 March unforgettable. In her quest her path crosses that of Furu, who is playing the very last records of his career. He has resolved to end his life that evening, peacefully and alone.

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director: Hendrik Willemyns, Ken Ochiai
composer: Arsenal

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dialogue: Japanese
subtitles: Dutch subt.
Country: Belgium - Japan
year: 2014

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format: SPECIAL

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