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Concert: Rota/Fellini
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Film Fest Gent - Concert: Rota/Fellini

In conjunction with a major exhibition at the Caermersklooster Provincial Cultural Centre, the 41st edition of Film Fest Gent is shining the spotlight on the world of Federico Fellini with various events. On Thursday 23 October, The Bijloke Music Centre is hosting the concert Rota/Fellini with symphonic music from the director of La Dolce Vita and La Strada, performed by the Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé.

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La Dolce Vita

No one has set the world of a film director to music as successfully as Nino Rota did for the work of Federico Fellini, Italy's most famous filmmaker. A major exhibition of Fellini's work is being organised by Film Fest Gent, in collaboration with the Caermersklooster Provincial Cultural Centre.

Simply hearing the first notes of Rota's circus-like tunes is enough to conjure up scenes by the Italian maestro: the women with their incredible joie de vivre and willingness to please, the monsters, giants, dwarfs, jesters, whores from all walks of life, and the mother/Madonna figures. Rota composed all the scores for Fellini's films, from The White Sheik in 1952 until his death in 1979, aged 68, not long after completing the soundtrack for Fellini's most musical film, Orchestra Rehearsal (1979).

In conjunction with the exhibition about Fellini's work Film Fest Gent is presenting a unique Nino Rota concert. The first part of the programme focuses on Rota's compositions for Fellini, while the second part showcases Rota's collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo and Juliet) and Luchino Visconti (Rocco and His Brothers; The Leopard).


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