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Coincoin et les z'inhumains
Archived: Coincoin et les z'inhumains - Coincoin and the extra humans (2018)

director: Bruno Dumont

With: Alane Delhaye, Lucy Caron, Bernard Pruvost, a.o.

duration: 200 minutes
Mystery, TV

Serial Madness

"Quinquin has grown up. He's now called Coincoin and hangs out on the Opal Coast, where he takes part of the Bloc meetings with his childhood friend "le Gros". Meanwhile, strange magma falls from the sky onto the inhabitants who begin to manifest odd behaviour. The extraterrestrial invasion begins." (Cineuropa) 

"The eponymous hero of Li'l Quinquin, the boy with the squashed nose, hearing aid and inquisitive gaze, is not that little anymore in 'Coincoin and the Extra-Humans' ('Coincoin et les Z'inhumains'), another four-part series from writer-director Bruno Dumont that reprises the characters and setting from the 2014 miniseries made for Franco-German broadcaster Arte. In the first round, Quinquin and his buddies, alongside bumbling police captain Van Der Weyden and his loyal sidekick and mad driver, Carpentier, tried to solve a murder mystery. This time, the same ensemble - though with Quinquin now called Coincoin because he grew up? - is faced with an epidemic of strange, extraterrestrial gunk that has started raining down on the picturesque Opal Coast region in northern France that the characters call home." (Variety)


director: Bruno Dumont
producer: Jean Bréhat, Rachid Bouchareb, Muriel Merlin
screenplay: Bruno Dumont
Editor: Jean Bréhat, Basile Belkhiri
Cinematography: Guillaume Deffontaines

production company: Arte France Cinéma

More info

dialogue: French
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: France
year: 2018


BRUNO DUMONT: La vie de jésus (1997), Humanité (1999), Intimisto (short, 2001), 29 Palms (2003), Flandres (2006), Hadewijch (2009), Sibérie (2011), Hors Satan ( 2011), Camille Claudel 1915 (2013), P'tit Quinquin (2014, ), Ma Loute (2016), Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc (2017), Coincoin et les z'inhumains (2018, TV series).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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