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Archived: Climax (2018)

director: Gaspar Noé

With: Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub, a.o.

duration: 95 minutes
Music/Musical, Horror

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"Gaspar Noé's latest plunge into hell starts off as a depraved youth dance musical, and it's an arresting one. As a filmmaker, Noé is now a junkie of evil. He is a filmmaker who literally wants to show you hell on earth. 'Climax' is 'Fame' directed by the Marquis de Sade with a Steadicam." (Variety)


director: Gaspar Noé
producer: Vincent Maraval, Brahim Chioua, Richard Grandpierre, Edouard Weil
screenplay: Gaspar Noé
Editor: Denis Bedlow, Gaspar Noé
Cinematography: Benoît Debie

production company: Rectangle Productions

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dialogue: French
subtitles: Dutch subt.
Country: France - Belgium
year: 2018


GASPAR NOE: Tintarella di luna (Short, 1985), Pulpe amère (Short, 1987), Carne (Short, 1991), Mano Solo: Je n'ai pas (Video, 1996), Sodomites (Short, 1998), Bone Fiction: Insanely Cheerful (Video, 1998), I Stand Alone (1998), Arielle Burgelin: Je suis si mince (Short, 1999),Thomas Bangalter: Stress (Video, 2002), Thomas Bangalter: Outrage (Video, 2002), Intoxication (Short, 2002), Irreversible (2002), Placebo: Protége-Moi (Video, 2003), Eva (Short, 2005), Destricted (segment: We Fuck Alone, 2006), SIDA (Short, 2006), 8 (2008), Enter… Show more

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:2,35
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