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Ciao Ciao
Archived: Ciao Ciao (2017)

director: Song Chuan

composer: Jean-Christophe Onno
With: Liang Xueqin, Zhang Yu, Hong Chang, a.o.

duration: 83 minutes
Drama, Comedy

Official Selection - Global Cinema

"Beauty and danger: two things which define not just Ciao Ciao's character, but the film as a whole. Charting the fallout of a young, glamorous woman's return to her home village in southwestern China, Song's film sets festering rural lives against sweeping depictions of stunning beautiful landscape." (The Hollywood Reporter)


director: Song Chuan
composer: Jean-Christophe Onno
producer: Guillaume de la Boulaye
screenplay: Song Chuan
Editor: Jean-Marie Lengellé
Cinematography: Li Xuejun
sound: Jules Wysocki

production company: Zorba Production

More info

dialogue: Mandarin
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: China - France
year: 2017


SONG CHUAN (1980): Huan Huan (2012), Ciao Ciao (2017).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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