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Archived: Catherine (2016)

director: Britt Raes

composer: Pieter Van Dessel
With: voices: Braden Lunsford, Madison Reeves, Rudi Rok

duration: 12 minutes
Animated film, Short

Shorts – Competition for European Shorts
Film Fest Gent - Catherine

Catherine loves pets! But most of all, she loves her cat. As a young girl, she can not connect with other people. Her cat is her life, and little by little she grows up to be a crazy old cat lady... Will she ever find friendship, or love?


director: Britt Raes
composer: Pieter Van Dessel
producer: Karim Rhellam
screenplay: Britt Raes
sound: Gregory Caron

production company: Creative Conspiracy

More info

dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
country: Belgium
year: 2016

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BRITT RAES: Homemade (short - 2011), Les Dernières pièces (short - 2011), Catherine (short - 2016).

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP
frame: 16/9


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