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Film Fest Gent - Case Study 'De Dag'
Archived: Case Study 'De Dag'

duration: 480 minutes

'The Day', a Flemish series that tells the events of one single day, is meticulously analyzed by its makers during one single day at Film Fest Gent. Writers, directors, producers, composers and editors explain what it took to bring this huge project to the small screen.

• 09:30-11:00 SCRIPT - Jonas Geirnaert & Julie Mahieu
• 11:00-11:10 Coffee break
• 11:15-12:15 PRODUCTION - Hilde De Laere & Michiel Devlieger
• 12:30-13:30 Lunch
• 13:30-14:30 DIRECTING - Gilles Coulier & Dries Vos
• 14:30-16:00 MUSIC - David Martijn, Cedric Engels & Mounir Hathout
• 16:00-16:15 Coffee break
• 16:15-17:00 EDITING - Bert Jacobs & Yoohan Leyssens
• 17:00-17:15 RELEASE & DISTRIBUTION Hilde De Laere & Michiel Devlieger
• 17:15-17:45 General final Q&A

Entrance 5€. Want to join for lunch, then you pay 20€ (reservation needed).
Free entrance to talks with festival accreditation. Want to join for lunch, then you pay 15€ (reservation needed)

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