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Film Fest Gent - Camino del deseo, el
Archived: Camino del deseo, el - Camino del deseo, el (2007)

director: Eva Cools

composer: David Cools
With: Georgina del Carmen & Arend Pinoy

Film Fest Gent - Camino del deseo, el

Ana, a young Spanish woman, hitch hikes near a desolate highway in the middle of the night. She lives in a world of truckers, highway restaurants, and passing strangers. Ana is lonely, until she is taken up by a rock band that introduce her to a world of decadence. She quickly starts an affair with Daniel, the band’s lead singer.
Ana has found a way to escape to a new world, leaving her life in Spain far behind. Yet, she often calls her family in Spain, in an attempt to ease her feelings of guilt. Daniel and his band seem to be the key to Ana’s new life. That is, until she realizes Daniel is a manipulative dandy with little respect for her. Ana finds herself dazed and caught in her new surroundings. Her delusions are her only sporadic escape from her new surroundings. Or is it her past that keeps following her?


director: Eva Cools
composer: David Cools
producer: Eva Cools & Guy Cools
screenplay: Eva Cools
Editor: Stijn Deconinck
Cinematography: Rik Zang

production company: Emerald Productions

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Country: Belgium
year: 2007

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