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Film Fest Gent - Caféconcert: Hantrax / DJ Wagonman
Archived: Caféconcert: Hantrax / DJ Wagonman

duration: 60 minutes

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit

Wed 12/10/16 - 22u
For a few years now, Antwerp composer and electronics producer Han Swolfs has been buzzing at high speed through the Belgian underground scene. As Hantrax he is known for his punky retro-futuristic mixes of EBM, old school hip hop, new wave and house. His debut album 'Living in my Bathroom' was released on the Antwerp Ekster-label in 2013, successor 'Ticker Tape Parade' was released this year on Palermo Records.

Beside Hantrax, Swolfs also performs with theater company Abattoir Fermé and created The Pink Flamingo Fusion Project with people like Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens and Andrew Claes. In the past he also played keyboards in Belgian bands like Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat and Black Cassette.

Hantrax is already delightful when you listen to the album, but if you rather enjoy your dose of futuristic eighties electronics live, just come down to the Vooruit Café.


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