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Bleak Street
Archived: Bleak Street - La calle de la amargura (2015)

director: Arturo Ripstein

With: Alberto Estrella, Leticia Gómez Rivera, Silvia Pasquel, a.o.

duration: 99 minutes
On the Edge , Crime, Drama

Official Selection - Global Cinema
Film Fest Gent - Bleak Street

In the early morning hours, two elderly whores go back to their hovels. They are not tired from working. They are tired of not doing do. One has problems at home with her teenage daughter and her cross dressing husband. The other, with her loneliness.

But that night, they have a date to celebrate the victory in the ring of two wrestlers, twin midgets wearing masks. At the hourly hotel, in order to rob the tiny men of their earnings, they drug them with eye drops. But the dose proves fatal. They murder them unintentionally. Scared and confused, they decide to hide from the police and run away together to live, as they always have, on Bleak Street. They are arrested.

A true-crime story of whores and midget wrestlers filmed in gorgeous black-and-white by Mexico's most daring director Arturo Ripstein. "Creepy and beguiling, Ripstein's hallucinatory, deliberate style is engrossing, full of strange, vivid images and scenes." (The New York Times)


director: Arturo Ripstein
producer: Arturo Ripstein
screenplay: Paz Alicia Garciadiego
Editor: Carlos Puente & Arturo Ripstein
Cinematography: Alejandro Cantú
sound: Antonio Diego

More info

dialogue: Spanish
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Mexico - Spain
year: 2015


ARTURO RIPSTEIN (1943): Time to Die (1966), Juego peligroso (1967, segments: HO), Memories of the Future (1969), The Children's Hour (1969), La belleza (1970, short), Exorcismos (1970, short), Crimen (1970, short), Autobiografia (1970, short), El náufrago de la calle Providencia (1971, short), The Castle of Purity (1973), Nación en marcha no. 3 (1974, short), Los otros niños (1974), The Holy Inquisition (1974), Tres preguntas a Chavez (1975, short), Tiempo de correr (1975, short), Matématicas (1975,… Show more

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP
frame: 1:1,85

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