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Bleak Night
Archived: Bleak Night - Pasuggun

director: Sung-Hyun Yoon

Film Fest Gent - Bleak Night

29-year old South Korean Yoon Sung-Hyun created a teen angst film, whose style resembles the movies of compatriot Kim Ki-Duk, that offers a unique insight on bullying inside the teenage community. Debutant Yoon looks beyond the traditional agressor/victim relationship as he challenges some traditional opinions on the subject and investigates the effect bullying has on the victim’s family and friends. In “Bleak Night”, a grieving father is on an emotional quest to find out under which circumstances his son has died. Only two boys know the answer. The father tracks them down and through a flashback narrative the painful truth is finally revealed.


director: Sung-Hyun Yoon

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SUNG-HYUN YOON: Love (2003, short), Daytrip (2008, short), Boys (2008, short), Drink and Confess (2009, short), Banana Shake (2010, short), Passugun (2010)

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