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Bergman Island
Archived: Bergman Island

director: Marie Nyreröd

Film Fest Gent - Bergman Island

In this insightful documentary, Swedish director Ingmar Bergman talks about the childhood that shaped him, his work, his regrets and his ongoing artistic passion. He also talks about his relationship with the island Fårö, where the director lived during the last years of his life. When Bergman first came to the island in 1960, he was looking for locations for his film “Through a Glass Darkly”. He returned in 1965 to make his masterpiece “Persona” and he fell in love with the atmosphere on the island. He had a house built with panoramic views of the sea and retreated to the island in 1966. “Bergman Island” tells the story of a life dedicated to art. Art that inspires, comforts and redeems. Ingmar Bergman passed away at the age of 89 in 2007. This documentary features one of the last major interviews with one of cinema’s greatest film directors.


director: Marie Nyreröd

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MARIE NYRERÖD: Bergman Island (2004, TV doc)

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