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Film Fest Gent - Au pays du scalp
Archived: Au pays du scalp - The Amazon Head Hunters (1930)

director: Robert De Wavrin

composer: Maurice Jaubert
With: Fred Shields (narrator)

duration: 75 minutes


In 1930, Belgian filmmaker-ethnographer Robert de Wavrin directed this documentary about some indigenous tribes in South America. Though the head-shrinking ritual of the Shuar might be most spectacular, de Wavrin's main focus was to register the daily life of the Indians that radically differed from his. (C.V.)

This film is part of the double bill 'Robert de Wavrin, a Belgian ethno filmmaker' and will be screened together with the documentary 'Le Marquis de Wavrin, du manoir à la jungle'.


director: Robert De Wavrin
composer: Maurice Jaubert
producer: Sol Lesser
screenplay: Irene Kuhn
Editor: Carl Himm

production company: Compagnie Universelle Cinématographique (CUC)

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country: Belgium - France
year: 1930


MARQUIS ROBERT DE WAVRIN: Au coeur de l'Amérique du Sud (1924), Les sucreries du Nord-Ouest de l'Argentine (1925), Les indiens du Gran-Chaco (1925), Les chutes de l'Iguaçu (1925), Le Paraguay (1925), Au pays du scalp (1930).

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