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Film Fest Gent - Aïsha Devi / Abyss X / Slagwerk DJ's
Archived: Aïsha Devi / Abyss X / Slagwerk DJ's

duration: 240 minutes


Euphoric dance divas with audiovisual projection.

Swiss-Tibetan electronica producer and singer Aïsha Devi makes euphoric, deconstructed, filmic dance music. Her live sets always feature impressive audiovisual elements. After previous excursions into electronica with IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, Devi released her debut record 'Of Matter and Spirit' in 2015, a blend of transcendental vocals with raw R&B and trance.

For her new show, Aïsha Devi will work with an audiovisual projection, designed by the French visual artist Emile Barret.

Film Fest Gent and Vooruit will launch the first edition of VIDEODROOM in october 2018. For 10 days top musicians mix live music with films, visuals and other projections. Each time it concerns unique crossover productions that you will only get to see during VIDEODROOM.


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format: CONCERT
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