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Film Fest Gent - Art Cinema OFFoff: To Be Alive!
Archived: Art Cinema OFFoff: To Be Alive! - Een avond met expanded film performances

duration: 210 minutes

Film Fest Gent and Vooruit present


In 1964 Alexander Hammid and Francis Thompson show their documentary 'To Be Alive!' at the New York World's Fair. This short documentary becomes a favourite with the public, but it's not so much the content that gets them excited as the visual experience of the work: three projectors and three screens are used to tell one story. One year later, the film even wins the Oscar for best documentary, possibly the largest success ever achieved by an 'expanded film'. During 'To Be Alive!' at Vooruit we not only look back at the history of expanded film, we also show how very much alive this medium still is today.

William Raban is one of the pioneers of the British structural and expanded film scene. In the 1970s he laid the foundations for the London Filmmakers Cooperative and caused a sensation with films shown on two and sometimes three 16 mm projectors. In Vooruit we will be showing a selection of these works and Raban will reprise his legendary 1973 performance 'Take Measure'.

The French Christophe Auger co-founded METAMKINE in 1980, a group that emerged from the punk movement, known for their strongly visual and auditive performances. Auger further explores the visual arts in his solo work, creating, with the use of multiple projectors, 'films' that are purely performative and tell a different story with each performance.

Simon Liu, an American with roots in Hong Kong, is yet another star of the New York underground. Liu uses multiple 16 mm projectors to generate an amalgamation of colours and rhythms that together form one image and one story. Mostly dreamy images of Liu's family life are combined to create a new intimate and poetic image. Although his work has recently been on show at Centre Pompidou, Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin, the Rotterdam Film Festival and in the Whitney Museum in New York, this is the first time that Liu will present his work in Belgium.

Finally, the Spanish-Venezuelan duo Luis Macias and Adriana Vila Guevara will show their new work 'Even Silence is Cause of Storm', a film performance that employs four slide projectors, two 16 mm projectors and the electronic music of Alfredo Costa Monteiro in an exploration of our tense relationship with nature. A mesmerizing experience that's both subtle and violent ...


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