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Après le silence
Archived: Après le silence (2018)

director: Sonam Larcin

composer: Rafaël Leloup

duration: 23 minutes
Documentary, LGBTQ

Shorts – Competition for Belgian Shorts
Film Fest Gent - Après le silence

To survive, David had to leave behind the man he loves. In order to obtain refugee status, he is now gonna have to speak for the first time about a difference he has always kept in himself.


director: Sonam Larcin
composer: Rafaël Leloup
screenplay: Sonam Larcin
Editor: Louis Rousseau
Cinematography: Axel Meernout

production company: Mediadiffusion IAD

More info

dialogue: French
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Belgium
year: 2018


SONAM LARCIN: Circonvolutions (2013, short), Edna (2014, short), Gynecee (2014, short), A défaut d'avoir une baguette magique (2015, short), Tabou (2015, TV movie), La Locataire (2016, short), Tristan (2017, short), Après le silence (2018, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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