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Film Fest Gent - Agonija
Archived: Agonija - Agonija (1981)

director: Elem Klimov

composer: Alfred Shnitke
With: Aleksei Petrenko, Anatoli Romashin en Velta Line

Film Fest Gent - Agonija

Russia, 1916. Be it by craft or madness, Rasputin exercises power over the indecisive Nicholas, and the religious Czarina worships the Siberian as God. He manipulates the Czar in his relations with the Duma and influences the choice of a new premier. Rasputin assaults a baroness; her husband is jailed for defending her, and she must offer sexual favors to Rasputin to save her husband. The Czar finally orders Rasputin from St. Petersburg, but somehow he enters the palace and, in a disheveled trance, convinces the Czar to make a disastrous change in war strategy. A cadre of nobles take matters into their own hands and arrange a last dinner party for the interloping monk.


director: Elem Klimov
composer: Alfred Shnitke
screenplay: Semyon Lungin & Ilya Nusinov
Editor: Valeriya Belova
Cinematography: Leonid Kalashnikov

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Country: Russia (USSR)
year: 1981

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