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A Dialogue with Cyberspace
Archived: A Dialogue with Cyberspace (2018)

director: Brian den Hartog

composer: Feras Daouk
With: Povilas Bastys, Jeanne Colin, Peter De Vuyst, a.o.

duration: 15 minutes
Avant-Garde / Experimental, Documentary

Shorts – Competition for Belgian Shorts

Is the world just a place where our bodies live? What is it like to have a body and how is it related to what we feel? While we are trying to navigate our way into a new virtual existence, a digital entity starts to admire our capacity to perceive.


director: Brian den Hartog
composer: Feras Daouk
producer: Brian den Hartog
screenplay: Lotte Ogiers, Brian den Hartog
Editor: Lawrence Paul Foley
Cinematography: Bart Peeters
sound: Feras Daouk

production company: RITCS School of Arts

More info

dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
country: Belgium
year: 2018


BRIAN DEN HARTOG: A Dialogue with Cyberspace (2018, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
Online communication by Lavagraphics