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Film Fest Gent - 2014-2015 EFA Nominated Shorts
Archived: 2014-2015 EFA Nominated Shorts (2014-2015)

duration: 500 minutes

Shorts – EFA-nominated European Shorts

As well as the new short films which are taking part in the Ghent round of the European Short Film Competition, Film Fest Gent is showing the films which will be competing for the coveted title of 'Best European Short' at the European Film Awards in Berlin at the end of the year. The winner will be announced on the 12th of December.

10:00 hrs: Part 1
Duration: 127' (87' of films plus 4 x director's talk à 10')
- Bristol Short Film Nominee: OVER by Jörn Threlfall (UK 2015, fiction, 14')
- Sarajevo Short Film Nominee: THE TRANSLATOR (Çevirmen) by Emre Kayiş (UK/Turkey 2014, fiction, 23')
- Tampere Short Film Nominee: LISTEN (Kuuntele) by Hamy Ramezan & Rungano Nyoni (Denmark/Finland 2014, fiction, 13')
- Cork Short Film Nominee: FIELD STUDY by Eva Weber (UK 2014, fiction, 20')
- Berlin Short Film Nominee: DISSONANCE by Till Nowak (Germany 2015, animation, 17')

Approx. end: 12:10 hrs

12:20 hrs - 14:00 hrs: BREAK

14:00 hrs: Part 2
Duration: 149' (109' of films plus 4 x director's talk à 10')
- Vila do Conde Short Film Nominee: KUNG FURY by David Sandberg (Sweden 2015, fiction, 30')
- Valladolid Short Film Nominee: EL CORREDOR (The Runner) by José Luis Montesinos (Spain 2014, fiction, 12')
- Rotterdam Short Film Nominee: OUR BODY by Dane Komljen (Serbia/Bosnia & Herzegovina/Germany 2015, experimental, 14')
- Locarno Short Film Nominee: SON OF THE WOLF (Fils Du Loup) by Lola Quivoron (France 2015, fiction, 23')
- Krakow Short Film Nominee: THIS PLACE WE CALL OUR HOME by Thora Lorentzen & Sybilla Tuxen (Denmark 2014, documentary, 30')

Approx. end: 16:30 hrs

16:30 hrs - 17:00 hrs: BREAK

17:00 hrs: Part 3
Duration: 106' (86' of films plus 2 x director's talk à 10')
- Grimstad Short Film Nominee: SYMBOLIC THREATS by Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke & Matthias Wermke (Germany 2015, documentary, 15')
- Venice Short Film Nominee: E.T.E.R.N.I.T. by Giovanni Aloi (France 2015, fiction, 14')
- Drama Short Film Nominee: PICNIC (Piknik) by Jure Pavlović (Croatia 2015, fiction, 13')
- Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Nominee: SMILE, AND THE WORLD WILL SMILE BACK by Yoav Gross, Ehab Tarabieh and the Al-Haddad family (Israel/Palestine 2014, documentary, 20')
- Ghent Short Film Nominee: WASHINGTONIA by Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece 2014, fiction, 24')

Approx. end: 18:50 hrs


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year: 2014-2015

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