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Film Fest Gent - 2012-2013 EFA Nominated Shorts
Archived: 2012-2013 EFA Nominated Shorts (2012-2013)

duration: 450 minutes

Shorts – EFA-nominated European Shorts

As well as the new short films which are taking part in the Ghent round of the European Short Film Competition, Film Fest Gent is also showing the films which will be competing for the coveted title of 'Best European Short' at the European Film Awards in Berlin at the end of the year. The winner will be announced on 7 December.

11h-13h EFA Short Film Nominees-part 1
1. As Ondas
2. Dood van een schaduw
3. Houses With Small Windows
4. Morning
5. Though I Know The River Is Dry

13h-15h Lunch break

15h-17h EFA Short Film Nominees-part 2
6. Skok (jump)
7. Mysterio
8. Sontag 3
9. Letter
10. Nuclear Waste

17h-17h30 Break

17h30-20h EFA Short Film Nominees-part 3
11. Cut
12. Zima
13. Story for Modlins
14. Orbit Ever After
15. Butter Lamp


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year: 2012-2013

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format: 35mm & Video
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