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One Shot Cinema: Sono Tornato
One Shot Cinema: Sono Tornato
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Every year you can watch a multitude of films in the Belgian theaters, but there are still striking films that do not receive a regular cinema release here. One Shot Cinema, an initiative of Film Fest Gent and Sphinx Cinema, fills that gap by putting an unreleased film on the program every month.

Our title for December is Luca Miniero's 'Sono Tornato' ('I'm Back').This film is the Italian counterpole of ‘Look Who’s Back’: this time, it’s Benito Mussolini who visits our society.

Screening dates: One Shot Cinema: Sono Tornato

Sphinx Cinema 05 Dec 20:00
Sphinx Cinema 12 Dec 20:00
Sphinx Cinema 22 Dec 17:00
Sphinx Cinema 26 Dec 20:00
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