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Tabula Rasa (episode 1 & 2)
Tabula Rasa (episode 1 & 2) (2017)

director: Kaat Beels, Jonas Govaerts

With: Veerle Baetens, Stijn Van Opstal, Cécile Enthoven, Gene Bervoets, Hilde Van Mieghem, Natali Broods, Bilall Fallah, Jeroen Perceval, Peter Van den Begin, Tom Audenaert, Lynn Royen, Ruth Beeckmans, Viviane De Muynck, a.o.

Film Fest Gent - Tabula Rasa (episode 1 & 2)

In the presence of: Malin-Sarah Gozin, Jonas Govaerts, François Beukelaers, Christophe Dirickx, Hilde Van Mieghem, Gene Bervoets, Jeroen Perceval, Ruth Beeckmans, Peter Van den Begin, Lynn Van Royen, Tom Audenaert, Stijn Van Opstal, Viviane De Muynck, Veerle Baetens, Kaat Beels, Natali Broods

"'Tabula Rasa' is a psychological thriller about a young woman with amnesia who is locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital. She is the sole key in a mysterious disappearance. The more she remembers, the more she starts to mistrust the people around her but also herself." (Caviar)

During the Serial Day on 19 October, the pilot episode of 'Tabula Rasa' will be screened, followed by a panel discussion with the creators of this new Flemish TV series. The programme further includes panel talks about the future of television and digital storytelling.

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Screening dates: Tabula Rasa (episode 1 & 2)

Kinepolis Gent
Special guests: Tom Audenaert (actor), Veerle Baetens (actress), Ruth Beeckmans (actress), Kaat Beels (director), Gene Bervoets (actor), François Beukelaers, Natali Broods (actres), Viviane De Muynck (actress), Christophe Dirickx (writer), Jonas Govaerts (director), Malin-Sarah Gozin (showrunner), Jeroen Perceval (actor), Hilde Van Mieghem (actress), Stijn Van Opstal (actor), Lynn Van Royen (actor), Peter Van den Begin (actor)
Wed 18 Oct 2017 19:15 - 20:55 (100 min)


director: Kaat Beels, Jonas Govaerts
showrunner: Malin-Sarah Gozin
screenplay: Christophe Dirickx, Veerle Baetens
producer: Frank Van Passel
executive producers: Helen Perquy, Bert Hamelinck
Editor: Bert Jacobs
Cinematography: Brecht Goyvaerts, Dries Delputte

production company: Caviar

More info

dialogue: Dutch
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Belgium
year: 2017

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KAAT BEELS (1974): Bedtime Stories (1997, short), Bruxelles on amour (2001), Cologne (2004, short), Hotel Swooni (2011), Beau Séjour (TV series, 2016), Tabula Rasa (TV series, 2017), Façades (2017).

JONAS GOVAERTS: Mobius (short, 2004), Forever (short, 2005), Of Cats & Women (short, 2007), Abused (short, 2008), Welp (2014), Tabula Rasa (TV series, 2017).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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