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Fai bei sogni
Fai bei sogni - Sweet Dreams (2016)

director: Marco Bellocchio

composer: Carlo Crivelli
With: Bérénice Bejo, Emmanuelle Devos, Valerio Mastandrea, a.o.

duration: 134 minutes
Litarature, Drama

Official Selection - In Competition

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Sales start at 22 Sep 13:00

"With the innocuously titled 'Sweet Dreams', Italian director Marco Bellocchio stages a gentle, eminently watchable return to some of the key themes that have haunted his 50 years of filmmaking, particularly the scarring left by a dysfunctional family and maternal love gone awry. The story of a 9-year-old boy who loses his beloved mother is a much simpler, more direct film than the thematically rich 'My Mother's Smile' (2002), and has none of the churning family anger of 'Fists in His Pocket' (1965). But based on journalist Massimo Gramellini's best-selling autobiographical novel, it has an emotional unity and urgency that holds the attention." (The Hollywood Reporter)

See also Sangue del mio sangue by Marco Bellocchio.

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director: Marco Bellocchio
composer: Carlo Crivelli
producer: Beppe Caschetto
screenplay: Valia Santella, Edoardo Albinati, Marco Bellocchio, based on the novel by Massimo Gramellini
Editor: Francesca Calvelli
Cinematography: Daniele Ciprì

production company: IBC Movie
Distributor: Cinemien Film & Videodistribution

More info

dialogue: Italian
subtitles: Dutch/Eng subt.
country: Italy - France
year: 2016


MARCO BELLOCCHIO (1939): La colpa e la pena (1961, short), Ginepro fatto uomo (1962), Fists in the Pocket (1965), China Is Near (1967), Viva il primo maggio rosso e proletario (1969, short), Love and Anger (1969), Il popolo calabrese ha rialzato la testa (1969), In the Name of the Father (1971), Slap the Monster on Page One (1972), Victory March (1976), Il gabbiano (1977), Vacation in Val Trebbia (1980), A Leap in the Dark (1980), The Eyes, the Mouth (1982), Henry IV (1984), Devil in the Flesh (1986), The Witches' Sabbath (1988), The Conviction (1991), Il sogno della farfalla (1994), Roma dodici Novembre 1994 (1995, short), Elena (1997, short), The Prince of Homburg (1997), The Nanny (1999), Nina (1999, short), Un filo di passione (2000, short), L'affresco (2000, short), Il maestro di coro (2001, short), Oggi è una bella giornata (2002, short), My Mother's Smile (2002), Appunti per un film su Zio Vania (2002, short), A un millimetro dal cuoro (2002, short), ...Addio del passato (2002), Good Morning, Night (2003), The Wedding Director (2006), Sorelle (2006), Vincere (2009), Sorelle Mai (2010), Dormant Beauty (2012), Blood of My Blood (2015), Fai Bei Sogni (2016).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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