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Belgian premiere of 'The Walk'
Archived: Belgian premiere of 'The Walk'
Monday 12 Oct 2015 - 20:00

Kinepolis Gent

Belgian premiere of 'The Walk'

For over forty-five minutes, he performed dizzying antics on an illegally suspended wire – about four hundred metres above the streets of Manhattan and without a safety net or harness. Robert Zemeckis, the brains behind ‘Back to the Future’, brings the story of the French daredevil back to life in ‘The Walk’. A-list star Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays the man who was arrested in 1974 for what would go down in history as the artistic crime of the century. Together with his mentor Papa Rudy (played by Ben Kingsley) and a group of accomplices, they overtook the Twin Towers in a manner reminiscent of a major bank robbery. As they watched Philippe dance between heaven and earth, the police were waiting for him on the ground, ready to arrest him. With the help of pioneering 3D technology and visual effects that only really come to life on the biggest screen you can get, this biographical adventure really manages to scale the heights. Far more than being a truly visually stunning film, ‘The Walk’ is also a thrilling homage to superhuman daring, the pursuit of the impossible, Paris and New York of the seventies, and – last but not least – the WTC towers themselves.

12/10: 20:30 Vooruit-Theaterzaal
12/10: 20:30 Kinepolis 2
12/10: 22:45 Kinepolis 3

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